MATH 587 -- Advanced Probability Theory I

Fall 2020 -- Course syllabus

Course Outline  

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Louigi Addario-Berry
| | Tel: (514) 398-3831 (office) | 1219 Burnside Hall | Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 14:30-15:15 or by appointment

Time and Location  

TTh 1:05-2:25 | Burnside Hall 1205 |

Course book  

Rick Durrett, Probability, Theory and Examples, 5th edition.

Supplemental materials  

Written material (not by me):
Patrick Billingsley, Probability and Measure. (Ridiculously expensive.)
James Norris, Lecture notes on probability.
Franco Vivaldi, Mathematical writing for undergraduate students.

Claudio Landim, Lectures on measure theory
Hao Wu, Martingales and Markov Processes.
Fematika, Measure theory lectures made by a high-school student from Ohio named Lucas.

Written material (by me):
Supplemental notes will be posted for some topics. I usually start the term optimistic that I will post lots of my own notes, and don't find as much time as I hope for writing notes. But I'll do my best.

  1. My course notes.
  2. My handwritten lecture notes (large files).
  3. Random walks and branching processes; a story to motivate the development of the theory.


Will be posted here.

Solution template (LaTeX).
Assignment 1 (tex file; solutions)
Assignment 2(tex file; solutions)
Assignment 3 (tex file; solutions)

Lecture Schedule/summary  

Additional Information  

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