Slides, Lecture Notes, and Videos


How to create an open problem. Slides and an auxiliary document on how to create an open problem, created for a June 7 preparatory session for the RandNET Workshop on random graphs.


The connection between RDEs and PDEs. Video of a talk delivered at University of Victoria on October 14, as part of the PIMS-UVic lecture series.

Height bounds for random trees. Slides; one video of a talk delivered virtually at the sixth Bath-Beijing-Paris meeting on September 13; another video of an in-person talk delivered on September 20 at the BIRS workshop Permutations and Probability.

CRM-PIMS Probability Summer School. Lecture notes (in progress) for my course at the summer school.
(Also available here.) Video of the course available here.

The height of Mallows trees. Slides for a talk I gave at the Northwestern/UMN probability seminar and at the Waterloo probability seminar. Here's a recording of a talk on the same topic, that I delivered jointly with my coauthor Benoît Corsini, as part of the CMS Student Committee's Math Salon.

Extremes in random trees. Slides for a talk I gave at the opening workshop of the SAMSI Combinatorial Probability thematic program. Video.


Critical percolation in high dimensions. Slides from a talk I gave at the One World Probability Seminar on May 14, 2020.
Video. This was a two-part talk with the second part delivered by Jack Hanson; video of his part of the talk is available here.


Hipster random walks. Slides from a talk I gave at a Workshop on Random Walks, Random Graphs and Random Media held at LMU, Munich, in September, 2019.
Video of another talk about the same subject, given in the Oxford Discrete Maths and Probability seminar in April 2020.

Algorithms and random trees. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) Slides for a mini-course I gave at the 12th Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute, held at Kyushu University, Fukuoka from July 31-August 9, 2019.

Convergence of recursive equations via numerical analysis. Slides for a talk I gave at the 30th International Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms, held at CIRM, Luminy from June 24-28, 2019.


The algorithmic hardness threshold for the continuous random energy model. Slides for a talk I gave at the Workshop on branching-type structures, held at the University of Zurich from September 3-5, 2018.

Assumptionless bounds for random trees. Slides for a talk I gave at Analysis of Algorithms 2018. I also delivered a shorter talk of the same title, corresponding roughly to the second half of these slides, at the 12th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and 2018 IMS Annual Meeting on Probability and Statistics (this meeting).

Critical random graphs: a collaborative history. Slides for a talk Christina Goldschmidt and I jointly delivered at the XXIe Colloque de l'Institut des sciences mathématiques. Scaling limits of critical random graphs, interspersed with personal recollections about the history of our collaboration and friendship.


Three branching anecdotes. Slides about the height and width of Galton-Watson trees and random trees with a fixed degree sequence, and about the minimum spanning tree of a random 3-regular graph. From a talk given at the CIRM in October, 2017.

The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree, and critical random graphs. Slides covering part of an 11-hour mini-course given at the Fields Institute in June, 2017. The lectures were recorded; the videos are available here.

Voronoi cells in random maps. Slides from a talk at the Oberwolfach meeting on Stochastic Analysis in May 2017.


Probabilistic aspects of minimum spanning trees. Slides from a talk at Duke University.


Most trees are short and fat. Slides from the One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics, from the 2015 Analysis of Algorithms Conference and from the Journées de combinatoire de Bordeaux 2017.
Extreme statistics of random r-out digraphs. Slides.
Branching Brownian Motion with decay of mass. Slides.


Random infinite squarings of rectangles. Two sets of notes, prepared for various lectures given between Jan-Nov 2013. Also, a zoomable image of a large random squaring of a rectangle.


XI Simposio de Probabilidad y Processos Estocásticos. Notes: A tale of three coalescents (most of first three lectures). Slides for most of lectures 4 and 5.


Random Structures and Dynamics Conference slides First lecture, second lecture, third lecture


YEP VII Branching random walks and search trees