Restaurants near the CRM

Here are a few options.

Housing Suggestions

For short term rental, the largest provider is Airbnb. You can expect to rent a spacious apartment in a nice neighbourhood for about a 100CAD. For around 150CAD you will also find nice apartments with 2-3 bedrooms.
You may consider contacting other participants to see if they want to share accommodation. A list of participants can be found here.
We also make a few hotel suggestions below.

A partial map of Montréal, where we highlighted our recommended neighbourhoods:

  • Plateau Mont-Royal and Outremont (the two central polygons)Those two neighbourhoods will be close to many restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and everything you will need. It is considered to be the most vibrant part of the city.We recommend staying in one particular part of the neighbourhood know as Mile-End, because it is conveniently located near to a bus line (in blue on the map) which takes you directly to the university.
    It is also possible to walk to the university in about 40 minutes.Hotel suggestion: None. This neighbourhood has only one hotel and it is terrible (hotel park avenue).
  • Côtes des neiges – Université de Montréal (the two bottom polygons)This neighbourhood is right next to the university.
    There are cafés and restaurants available which will allow you to live locally.Hotel suggestion: (this is the standard hotel for CRM seminar speakers)
  • Jean-Talon (upper-left polygon)This area has a nice many restaurants, and a famous public market (called Jean-Talon).
    There is quick connection to the university with the subway.Hotel suggestion: None.
  • Downtown.In case you are unable to find a nice AirBnB listing you will find most hotels downtown.
    We would suggest to look for hotels close to the Guy-Concordia subway station, where you will find a direct bus to the university.Hotel suggestion: