CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships

The Montreal Probability Group encourages young probabilists to apply for CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships. These fellowships are awarded to promising researchers who have recently obtained or expect to obtain a Ph.D. in the mathematical sciences. The fellowship offers an annual stipend of at least $40,000 CDN for one year, and is renewable for a second year. Details about the fellowships and the application process are available here. To maximize their chances, we encourage interested applicants to contact the MPG members they envision working with to let us know about your application. The application deadline is December 12 at 4:00 PM.

CRM funds probability lab

The CRM has approved the creation of a new laboratory in probability, the Groupe de probabilité de Montréal/Montréal probability group. Lab members pursue research in a broad range of areas, spanning theoretical and applied, continuous and discrete probability. A particular focus is on the development and analysis of probabilistic models for real-world phenomena from physics, biology, statistics and computer science. The creation of the lab underscores the high level of research in probability in the Montréal area.
The initial members of GPM/MPG are Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill), Louis-Pierre Arguin (Montréal), Linan Chen (McGill), Luc Devroye (McGill), Don Dawson (Carleton), Alex Fribergh (Montréal), Sabin Lessard (Montréal), Bruce Reed (McGill) Lea Popovic (Concordia), Wei Sun (Concordia)  and Xiaowen Zhou (Concordia); and associate members Marco Bertola (Concordia), Andrew Granville (Montréal), Dmitry Jakobson (McGill) and Vojkan Jaksic (McGill).