Probability postdoc positions in Montréal

There are several open opportunities for pursuing postdoctoral research in probability and related areas in Montreal; this post lists some of them.

  1. IVADO is advertising postdoctoral scholarships in data science “in the broadest sense”. Further details here; application deadlines November 15, 2017 and May 1, 2018.
  2. The Centre de Recherches Mathématiques and the Institute des Sciences Mathématiques jointly offer the CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships; these are two-year fellowships in any area of mathematics. Further details here; application deadline December 8.
  3. Members of the lab are advertising a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in probability and combinatorics. Further details here; application deadline January 15.
  4. The Québec merit program for foreign students offers postdoctoral fellowships in all areas of research. Applicants should contact prospective supervisors regarding this program; they must be pre-selected in spring-summer of year x (e.g. 2018) for a postdoctoral fellowship beginning in summer-fall of year x+1 (e.g. 2019). Further details here.
  5. The Banting postdoctoral fellowships are open to researchers in all areas. Applications must be internally reviewed by the host university. This process takes place in April (approximately) of year x for a postdoctoral fellowship beginning in summer-fall of year x+1. Further details here.

Probability Jobs 2017-18

This post lists (permanent) faculty jobs open to probabilists, which we have been made aware of by colleagues around the world. If you wish to add a job to this list, particularly if it is not listed on MathJobs, please send a message to

Probability-specific positions

  • The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath is inviting applications for a full professorship within the Probability Laboratory at Bath (Prob-L@B), and for a prize fellowship in probability (a 2-year postdoc leading into a tenure-track position). Closing dates January 1 and December 31, respectively. Further information here and here.
  • The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne is advertising a Lectureship in Probability and Stochastic Processes. Close date November 15. Further information here.
  • The Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and College of Engineering at the University of Berkeley is advertising Faculty Positions in Stochastics. The application deadline is December 1. Further information here.
  • The Department of Statistics at the UC Berkeley is advertising an Assistant Professorship in Probability or Applied Statistics. The application deadline is November 15. Further information here.
  • The Department of Statistics and Applied Probability at UC Santa Barbara is advertising a tenure track Assistant Professor position in Probability. The application deadline is November 30. Further information here.
  • The School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham is inviting applications for a lectureship in the area of probability and modern statistics, broadly defined. Further information here.

Open positions

  • The Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto has several openings in pure and applied mathematics. Review of applications will begin on November 15. Further information here.
  • The School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, is seeking to appoint a number of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader positions in Mathematical Sciences. The appointments are part of a major strategic expansion of the School of Mathematics. Closing date November 27. Further information here.

Louigi Addario-Berry named (co-)Editor-in-Chief of the CJM

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) has just announced that Louigi Addario-Berry (Probability lab member) and Eyal Goren have been appointed as the incoming Editors-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM). The CMS announcement praised both as “leading researchers in their fields who have the editorial skills and vision to steer this journal through the current climate of change and uncertainty in the publishing sector and at the same time maintain, if not increase, the journal’s standing as one of the world’s best mathematics journals.” For more information see:

Louigi Addario-Berry wins Coxeter-James Prize

The Montreal Probability Group is proud to announce that Louigi Addario-Berry is the recipient of the 2016 Coxeter-James Prize for his outstanding contributions to mathematical research. Louigi Addario-Berry works at the interface of probability and combinatorics, and “has emerged as one of the leaders of his generation in the area of discrete probability” one referee said.

The Coxeter-James Prize was inaugurated in 1978 to recognize young mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. The award is named on behalf of two former CMS presidents, Donald Coxeter, who is recognized as one of the world’s best geometers, and Ralph Duncan James, who was a great contributor to mathematical development in Canada. Other probabilist who have won this award in the past include: Gordon Slade (UBC) and Balint Vorag (U of Toronto).

For more information see:

Louigi Addario-Berry appointed as the CRM Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs

The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Probability Lab member Professor Louigi Addario-Berry as Deputy Director – Scientific Programs. His mandate began on July 1, 2015. Professor Addario-Berry will be joining the Management Committee of the CRM, which includes Professor Luc Vinet (CRM Director), Professor Galia Dafni (Concordia, Deputy Director – Publications), and Professor Odile Marcotte (UQAM and GERAD, Deputy Director – Partnerships).

For more information see

Louis-Pierre Arguin wins the André Aisenstadt Prize in Mathematics

The International Scientific Advisory Committee of the Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) recently announced that the  Probability Lab member Louis-Pierre Arguin from the Université de Montréal and the City University of New York (Baruch College and Graduate Center) is the 2015 André Aisenstadt Prize recipient. The André Aisenstadt Mathematics Prize, which recognizes outstanding research achievement by a young Canadian mathematician in pure or applied mathematics, consists of a $3,000 award and a medal. Previous recipients of the prize working in probability include: Omer  Angel (2010), Jonathan Taylor (2008) and Ander Holroyd (2007). 

For a short description of Louis-Pierre’s research see:


Dima Jakobson appointed Editor-in-chief of AMQ

The ISM has appointed Dima Jakobson (Montreal Probability Group associate member) editor-in-chief of the Annales Mathématiques du Québec (AMQ). His three year term will begin January 1, 2015.  The search committee for the task expressed their conviction that the journal would benefit greatly from his expertise in a cross-section of topics – from geometric analysis and partial differential equations, to mathematical physics. He has contributed to the study of spectra and eigenfunctions of Laplace- and Dirac- type operators. His interests are wide and include ergodic theory, probability theory, number theory, and graph theory.

For the press release see News at:

CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships

The Montreal Probability Group encourages young probabilists to apply for CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships. These fellowships are awarded to promising researchers who have recently obtained or expect to obtain a Ph.D. in the mathematical sciences. The fellowship offers an annual stipend of at least $40,000 CDN for one year, and is renewable for a second year. Details about the fellowships and the application process are available here. To maximize their chances, we encourage interested applicants to contact the MPG members they envision working with to let us know about your application. The application deadline is December 12 at 4:00 PM.