Slides and Lecture Notes


Three branching anecdotes. Slides about the height and width of Galton-Watson trees and random trees with a fixed degree sequence, and about the minimum spanning tree of a random 3-regular graph. From a talk given at the CIRM in October, 2017.

The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree, and critical random graphs. Slides covering part of an 11-hour mini-course given at the Fields Institute in June, 2017. The lectures were recorded; the videos are available here.

Voronoi cells in random maps. Slides from a talk at the Oberwolfach meeting on Stochastic Analysis in May 2017.


Probabilistic aspects of minimum spanning trees. Slides from a talk at Duke University.


Most trees are short and fat. Slides from the One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics, from the 2015 Analysis of Algorithms Conference and from the Journées de combinatoire de Bordeaux 2017.
Extreme statistics of random r-out digraphs. Slides.
Branching Brownian Motion with decay of mass. Slides.


Random infinite squarings of rectangles. Two sets of notes, prepared for various lectures given between Jan-Nov 2013. Also, a zoomable image of a large random squaring of a rectangle.


XI Simposio de Probabilidad y Processos Estocásticos. Notes: A tale of three coalescents (most of first three lectures). Slides for most of lectures 4 and 5.


Random Structures and Dynamics Conference slides First lecture, second lecture, third lecture


YEP VII Branching random walks and search trees