This event is similar to a short thematic semester. There will be a light schedule of talks, leaving a lot of free time to encourage collaborations between participants and promote discussions between members of different subfields in probability theory.

Our intention is to create a gathering of different groups of collaborators in Montréal, with a light schedule of lectures in order to leave plenty of time for collaborative work and informal interactions between participants. A priority will be communication between subfields, and the exposition of techniques developed in different fields.

The program will contain some days which are focused on specific areas within probability and mathematical physics. The themes which we expect will be addressed include: random matrices; spin glasses; interacting particle systems; random walks in disordered media; two-dimensional percolation and related lattice models; branching processes; and random graphs.

The workshop, a satellite activity of the XIX International Congress on Mathematical Physics that will be held in Montréal on July 23–28,  is jointly supported by the Centre de recherches mathématiques and by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. It is additionally supported by ProbLab and by the FRQNT team research grant “probability at the nexus of statistical physics, theoretical computer science and optimization”.